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Worship and Truth

May 20, 2018 Pastor: Jeff Eastwood Series: Life of David

Passage: 2 Samuel 1:1–1:16

Truth. This seemingly simple concept has apparently been largely abandoned by our society, and every attempt is being made to replace it with multiple narratives, whether or not those narratives are logically self-defeating or contradictory. Worse, there are, as Jesus warned, wolves masquerading as sheep in our churches. Lastly, there are numerous individuals who are self-deluded, thinking they are sheep when in fact they are goats, surrounded by true followers of Jesus while not actually being one themselves. 2 Samuel opens with a lie, told by an Amalekite for potential personal gain, yet ending in his death. Listen in as Pastor Jeff preaches on 'Worship and Truth' as we all take time for introspection in our relationship with God.

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