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Community and Light

May 5, 2019 Pastor: André Dumas Series: Gospel Community

Passage: Ephesians 5:8–5:14

By the virtue of Jesus Christ, lifeless haters of God were redeemed and nominated to the light. Therefore, it is not surprising that Christians are called to walk as children of light, i.e. according to their new state. Paul describes that walking as children of light results in bearing fruit that can only be characterized by goodness, righteousness, and truth. Paul exhorts the Christians at Ephesus to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. Trying to please the Lord is more than just avoiding sinning; it is looking intently for thoughts and activities that are approved by Him and in line with our calling. Despite their new state, the children of light can still take part in the works of darkness. Instead of revelling in these unfruitful works, Christians are required to expose them, which is not popular in our Western culture. The children of light are to desire vigilantly the fruit of light and reject radically friendship with the works of darkness, i.e. spiritual laziness. The children of light who find themselves at ease among the dead haters of light are to rise up from this environment. These actions will strengthen our Gospel Community and give glory to the Lord, for He will shine through our lives. This can be accomplished by grace alone through God’s supernatural power alone.

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