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Community and Encouragement

August 18, 2019 Pastor: Dan Thomson Series: Gospel Community

Passage: Colossians 2:1–2:5

Paul’s motivation for discipling the church and protecting the church from false doctrine causes him much effort and prayer. The Corinthians are new converts he’s likely never met, but he loves them deeply in Christ.  We’re moving from Paul’s motivation for ministry, to encouragement in ministry.

Three main points of consideration are:

  • The Work
  • The Danger
  • The Encouragement

Paul is rejoicing over the church. He’s encouraged by their faith in Christ. This letter is both a warning and an encouragement. As he was an ambassador for Christ, he’s also rejoicing in the testimony of Epaphras as the church planter in the very town of Colossae which he was from. Paul is not writing out of anxiousness, but out of joy.

He is also commending the Colossian church here. He’s encouraged by their spiritual state. There is no rebuke here as in letters to other churches, such as the Corinthians, where he shares his concern that they are easily swayed. Rather, he’s blessed and encouraged that they’re growing in Christ and loving each other in community - even with dissenting voices around them.

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