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Community and a Cancelled Debt

September 15, 2019 Pastor: Dan Thomson Series: Gospel Community

Passage: Colossians 2:11–2:15

As we approach this passage, we get a fresh glimpse at the motivation of God, the sacrifice of Jesus, and how we can live in victory as we navigate even our current-day cultural clashes.

Circumcision was a rite that God gave to Abraham as a mark of the covenant He made with him and the promises that He made. But further than that, it became a symbol of a spiritual reality and that’s what’s being implied here. Paul is not talking about the Jewish right of circumcision, he's talking about that which is “made without hands.” He’s talking about spiritual circumcision.

This is why we need to be born again in Christ. That’s the idea of “made without hands”, “by the circumcision of Christ”. It’s not just the cutting off of skin; it’s the killing of the Savior. He was struck down for our sins, but with full power and authority over death to be raised back to life!

When Jesus was sacrificed on the cross, He disarmed Satan and his armies. Death was defeated and even the graves opened in evidence to the power of God.  This is a spiritual disarming - of the rulers, authorities, principalities, and forces of evil that would oppose God. Because of this, these spiritual forces are put to open shame. Jesus rose again! How embarrassing that the very one that was sentenced to death for blasphemy against God was risen from the dead BY God in order to set things back to order. He triumphed over them once and for all.

Because of this reality, Paul is reminding the Colossian believers that their salvation and faith is secure in the most powerful Lord and Savior of all - the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Order is restored.

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