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Christ and Anxiety: An Inverse Relationship

November 22, 2020 Pastor: André Dumas Series: Gospel Sacrifice

Passage: Philippians 4:6–4:7

Anxiety is a diffuse, objectless, apprehension of danger. It is often a possibility that is taken as a certainty. It makes one narcissistically preoccupied with oneself. It comes as no surprise that God does not want us to be anxious. Our perception of the value of Christ, the extent to which we are convinced of his surpassing worth, will determine the frequency and content of our prayers, supplications, thanksgiving, and requests. If Christ has low value in our eyes, we will ask to be delivered from situations that are prone to give rise to anxiety. If the opposite is true, we will ask God to give us His peace through these situations so that our mind and our heart may stay focused on Christ. The peace of God unlocks the gate of our anxiety “prison” to guard us under Christ’s power.


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