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April 9, 2023 Preacher: Jeff Eastwood Series: Gospel Fulfillment

Topic: Easter Passage: Hebrews 8:1–13

The passage for this Sunday is Hebrews 8, in which the author draws his reader's attention to the New Covenant promised by God in Jeremiah 31. Since Jesus is the greatest High Priest, and since His ministry gives His followers full access to His Father's presence, we can stand in awe as the curtain is pulled back and God's glory is fully revealed. Yet, we are not consumed by God's glory but are welcomed into it through Jesus' crosswork. On this Easter Sunday, may we praise and worship God in all His glory for His glory!


The sermon notes and reflection questions are available for download in Portable Document Format (PDF). To get a copy, click the Downloads button, then click either Sermon Notes or Reflection.

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