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Tim Whatley

(Rev.) Tim Whatley is the Executive Director of Ethnos Canada, providing encouragement and support to ministry leaders. He was born in Nova Scotia and raised in the jungles of Asia-Pacific as a son of a missionary family, and received a BA in Biblical and Intercultural Studies from Ethnos’ missionary training program. Tim served as a church planter in the Moi tribe of Asia-Pacific, being part of the team to first make contact with them in 2000. Today there is a thriving church in the Moi tribe, and Tim uses his experience and passion to challenge the North American church to take an active role in global missions. Tim was on the Asia-Pacific field leadership for seven years, and in 2010 he was asked to return to North America to serve as the director of Ethnos Canada’s executive leadership team. Tim is a member of the International Ethnos Board and also an adjunct speaker for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

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