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Worship and Patience

March 25, 2018 Preacher: Jeff Eastwood Series: Life of David

Passage: 1 Samuel 24:1–24:22

Patience: like humility, it seems to be a mirage virtue, always a goal that we can see but never seem to attain. Worship of God requires patience, and its more settled flip side, endurance, as God's ways are not ours, and often if not exclusively involve suffering. In 1 Samuel 24 we see the patience of David as he avoids a short cut to the God-promised throne of Israel, confident in God and His word and blessed by confirmation that he had done the right thing and was on the right path. In this narrative we see echoes of Jesus' experience, especially on our behalf, as He sets His face on the cross and meets with endurance the will of His Father. Watch this week's sermon as we see 'Worship and Patience' on this Palm Sunday of 2018.

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