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Worship and Apostasy

April 22, 2018 Preacher: Jeff Eastwood Series: Life of David

Passage: 1 Samuel 28:3–28:25

1 Samuel 28 is a weird chapter of the Bible. On the night before what will be Saul's final battle, he consults a necromancer, who succeeds in bridging the gap between this life and the next and facilitating a conversation with the recently deceased prophet Samuel. Certainly one of the stranger events recorded in Scripture, yet the focus of this passage is not on the strange but on the reality of Saul's unbelief, pride, and lack of repentance that has brought things to this point. Join Pastor Jeff as he walks through the text and examines 'Worship and Apostasy', noting four facts from the beginning of the narrative that correspond to four warnings against apostasy.

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