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Worship and Victory

July 22, 2018 Preacher: Dan Thomson Series: Life of David

Passage: 2 Samuel 8:1–8:18

The main theme of this chapter is the fact that the Lord gave victory to David wherever he went. God paints a picture here of his faithfulness, his provision and his protection over David and Israel. David’s kingdom grows, he attains wealth for the future and begins to build a legacy for the future temple that his offspring will build.

As we reflect on this passage for ourselves, we need to consider that power is a test of our character. When we’re given the power to do what we want, what we choose to do will reveal WHO we really are. David does not abuse his power - although it can look like he’s accumulating much wealth, he’s quick to minimize the army he’s amassing in order to rely fully on God. He therefore does not abuse his position of power, all the while preparing a legacy for his offspring, the ones promised in God’s covenant to David to be an everlasting kingdom.

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